Mapa iniciatives Punt TIC Catalunya
Since the beginning of this emergency situation, caused by the crisis of COVID-19, we have been collecting the actions and initiatives that are...
Impressora 3D
The Generalitat of Catalonia today published the provisional resolution of the call for grants for the acquisition of hardware linked to digital...
Imatge de la Jornada de dinamització de la Internet Social 2018
In the year 2018 we prepared the network for new challenges during the Day of dynamization of the Social Internet 2018. This year, we want to face...


Last Thursday, April 16, network makers shared experiences
Faced with the social need for the creation of protective material for health professionals, Punt TIC has set up its 3d machines to create them. Last Thursday, April 16, network makers shared these experiences.

Dones i TIC

Instagram LIVE with Emma Fernández and Lídia Santiago on the occasion of the International Day of Girls in ICT
Last Thursday, April 23, International Girls' Day in ICT was celebrated and from the Punt TIC Network we carried...
Bootcamp de CodeOp
CodeOp Women's Programming School opens a 2020 scholarship program to support those who want to...
Women Tech Global Conference 2020
Women Tech Global Conference treballa l'apoderament de les dones en la tecnologia a través del lideratge, el...

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Meetup: Eines de teletreball de fàcil implementació
Wednesday, 27/05/2020
NetSquared Barcelona imparteix el proper dimecres 27 de maig una nova meetup sobre teletreball.
Moonhack 2020 al Baix Llobregat
Thursday, 28/05/2020
Els punts de Torrelles de Llobregat i Santa Coloma de Cervelló se sumen a la Moonhack 2020. L'edició d'aquest any serà el dijous 28 de maig.
Open Day TIC 2020
Thursday, 28/05/2020
El dijous 28 de maig, a les 18.30 h, es realitzarà de manera virtual la segona edició del Open Day TIC.