The Secretaria General de Polítiques Digitals i Administració Pública is committed to making websites accessible in accordance with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of September 7, on accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector (hereinafter, Royal Decree 1112/2018 of September 7).

This accessibility statement applies to

Compliance status

This website isi partially compliantii with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September due to the non-compliances and the exemptions listed below.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reasons:

  • None compliance with Royal Decree 1112/2018 of September 7: there may be several publishing errors on some web pages, both in HTML content and the final documents, published after September 20, 2018.
  • Disproportionate burden : not applicable.
  • The content is not within the scope of applicable legislation : there may be computer-based files in PDF or other formats published before September 20, 2018 that do not fully comply with the accessibility requirements.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on December 15, 2020.

The method used to prepare the declaration was a self-evaluation carried out by the body itself.

Most recent revision of the declaration: December 15, 2020.

Observations and contact information


You may send communications regarding the accessibility requirements (Article 10.2.a) of Royal Decree 1112/2018 of September 7, through the following mailbox. For example:

  • Reporting any possible non-compliance by this website.
  • Reporting any difficulty in accessing content.
  • Making any other queries or suggestions for improving accessibility to the website.

The communications will be received and transferred by the General Directorate of Citizens' Services of the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Treasury, as the department responsible for web accessibility in the region.

Requests for accessible information and complaints

In order to make requests for accessible information and complaints (article 12 of Royal Decree 1112/2018), please go to the "Content accessible on the website" procedure and then the Request accessible information or make a complaint" modality.

Any natural or legal person may make complaints concerning compliance with the requirements of Royal Decree 1112/2018 and request information concerning content that is excluded from the scope of this regulation.

Applications and complaints are registered in accordance with the requirements established by the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations Act 39/2015 of 1 October.

Application procedure

The application procedure set out in Article 13 of Royal Decree 1112/2018 can be initiated at the "Content accessible on the website" procedure through the "Claim an application" modality.

If, once a request for accessible information or complaint has been made, it has been dismissed, you disagree with the decision made, or the response does not meet the requirements of Article 12.5 of RD 1112/2018, you may file a claim to

  • know and oppose the reasons for the rejection
  • urge the adoption of appropriate measures in if you do not agree with the decision made
  • • state the reasons why you consider that the answer does not meet the requirements.

A claim can also be initiated in the event that 20 business days have elapsed and you have not received a response.