Punt TIC is an space with an integral process aimed at developing digital literacy and access to new technologies, equipped with computer equipment and personal assistance.

This is where the participants perform actions for technological training, and develop the skills, knowledge and useful skills to join the information society and overcome the digital divide.

The Punt TIC  telecentres are phisical spaces designed to accommodate computers, peripherals and software that support one or more persons, in order to facilitate citizens access to the information society. Wikipedia definition of telecentre.

In a Punt TIC you can use computers to search the Internet, or to have an email service, to be trained on the use of a computer, to find and evaluate information, and to perform administrative task (e-goverment) or even check financials accounts. On the other hand, we must not forget that the emergence of new devices, new services and new ways of contact people represent new challenges and new opportunities. The activity of Punt TIC is a firm commitment to universal access to ICT.

Also the new ways of working, as coworking, are present in the Network Punt TIC. The coworking is a practice that is based on the philosophy of "Co": knowledge sharing, collective work and establishing synergies, create business alliances to compete and cooperate.

The new services, like learning programming and robotics, are also part of the network. Some point develop ICT activities for citizens in educational robotics and programming, thus extending the creative capacity and innovative technology based on the creation of computer games and robots.

It is estimated that there are more than 4,000 telecentres throughout Spain, among which about 500 belong to the Network Punt TIC.

Punt TIC Òmnia de la Trinitat Nova

Who can go to a Punt TIC?

A Punt TIC is a local point of public access open to everyone, to every citizen, business, community, professional, or local government. And, as a priority, those social groups or companies with have more limited access to the information society are always wellcome at our centers.

What's an Punt TIC?

Punt TIC  is an space with networked computers with Internet access and printers. In addition, most of them have other services and utilities, such as scanner or webcam.

What can I do to Punt TIC?

  • Training and e-literacy activities
  • Courses and workshops on many topics related to computers (image processing, internet surfing, web pages ...)
  • Self-learning activities.
  • Participate in community projects in the neighborhood
  • Meeting new people
  • Make the homework of the school or university
  • Use equipment and resources for the management of an entity (for example, learn to make a database)
  • Find out about the job search on the Internet
  • Free access to freely use the computer at the times available
  • Learn and grow with educational robotics, programming or even 3D printing.
  • Learn and advice on entrepreneurship. It is a network of public-private entities in Catalonia undertakes the program of the Government of Catalonia, provide coach services and support to people who want to set up a company in Catalonia during the first three years life business. More than 150 organizations and 500 technicians and technical experts covering all regions of Catalonia.

There will be someone to help you?

Each Punt TIC is a catalyst or facilitator, who is accompanying the people who point. The e-facilitator is a key figure for the smooth running of the point.

The contribution of e-facilitator detects the needs of the territory, coach the citizen in his first steps in the digital world and converts Punt TIC in areas of information, training, community work, employability, participation, and innovation engine economy.

The e-facilitator provide information about trainings and opportunities in a personalized way. They also plans activities, organizes courses, provides training, maintaining equipment, etc.